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  • A packing summary is the combination of all new orders SKUs, item descriptions, and quatities to be picked. The summaries are commonly used to bulk pick items which can then be brought to a central packing station for packing using packing slips as a reference.
  • Use packing summaries to easily identify the quantities of each SKU to bulk pick for the orders selected.
  • You can either generate a packing summary as a PDF or as a CSV.

Packing Summary PDF


To configure your packaing summary, navigate to Settings > Packing Slip > Configure your Packing Summary here. From here you will see different options for your packing summary. Click download next to each one to see a sample.

  • Items summary: The item summary will generate a PDF that has a list of the items, regardless of the orders they belong to. This is best used for picking orders, but can not be used for packing orders. You can optionally include colour, size and bin location by ticking these boxes on the settings. 
  • Order summary: The order summary is a PDF that consolidates many packing slips on one page. This can be used to both pick and pack your orders. 
  • Order summary with barcodes: The order summary is a PDF that consolidates many packing slips on one page and includes barcodes for the items should you need to scan as you pack. This can be used to both pick and pack your orders. 
  • Customise your own: Use our template editor to customise the packing summary to meet your specific business requirements
    • Change any wording on the packing summary by editing directly in the editor.
    • If certain columns aren't needed, you can easily delete them from the template.
    • Need additional fields? Utilize the variables on the right-hand side and insert them into the template.
    • The markers %OrderRepeaterStart% and %OrderRepeaterEnd% are used to indicate that everything between them relates to a single order. Similarly, %ItemRepeaterStart% and %ItemRepeaterEnd% show that the content in between is related to a single item within that order.
    • Saving: To save your changes, click the save button
    • Note: At this time, the template editor does not support images. 

Generating Packing Summary


  1. Under Orders go to the New section.
  2. Select the orders you would like to generate a packing summary for.
  3. Under the Print dropdown on the top right, click Print packing summary.
  4. On the next dialog select Print.


  • From the main menu select Reports.
  • Select the report type Unshipped Packing Summary Report.
  • Select to include child accounts and archived items in the report or not.
  • Click Generate.
  • Your report will be added to the top of the reports list.
  • Select Download to view your report.


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