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Before you create and print labels for your order, ensure you perform the following tasks first:

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Different ways to print in Starshipit

Print individual labels

Print individual orders from the Orders screen using the Print button, or directly from the order detail screen by clicking Print Labels. This generates a tracking number and shipping label for the order. When printed, the order automatically moves from the New tab to the Printed tab.

Bulk print labels

Bulk print orders from the Orders screen by selecting multiple orders and clicking the Print shipping label button. You can only bulk print orders that use the same courier service, even though they may not have the same product code.

Once you have selected the orders, click Print in the Orders screen. The same method can be used for manifesting.

Open and print orders individually (Print and next)

Click into each order you’d like to print individually, and then use the ‘Print and next’ button to move to the next order.

  • From the Orders grid, click an order to open the order details screen.
  • Click the Print and next button to print the shipping label and automatically move to the next order.
Auto print labels

If you'd like your shipping labels to print out automatically, configure the Print Application to auto print orders.

  1. Download and install the Print App.
  2. From the toolbar in the Print App, select Tools > Auto Print.
  3. Tick Enable auto print of any unshipped orders
  4. Configure how often you'd like Starshipit to scan and print new orders.
  5. Choose whether you'd like to save the label PDF to your computer (and the location) or have the label print automatically to your label printer.
  6. Now, each time an order imports to your account, it will be printed automatically.
Scan to print

Scan the barcode on a packing slip to automatically generate the associated shipping label for the order.

Reprinting orders

Only orders that have printed labels can be re-printed. This is because the orders are assigned a tracking number when first printed. The re-print option allows you to print an additional copy of the label without assigning a new tracking number to the order.

Manifest orders

Once you have printed a label and the order has moved to the Printed tab, you can finalise and manifest the order. Manifesting will send the order detail to your courier service for billing.

This is the final stage in the shipping process, however we recommend you leave the order in your account until you receive confirmation that the manifest has been received by your courier.

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