(Legacy) Set up the print client


  • This article outlines how to print labels, packing slips and documentation directly to your printer using the Print Client.

Starshipit now recommends you print labels, packing slips and documentations using the Print Application.

1. Download and install the Print Client for Windows

  1. In your Starshipit account, select Settings, then select Desktop App (UI 2.0) or Printing (Classic UI).
  2. Select the advanced tab, then select Add new print settings or Settings under a label type.
  3. Now click Download Print Client for Windows or Mac.
    1. For Windows: To install the setup file, follow the steps in the installation wizard.
    2. For Mac: Drag and drop the Print Client icon to the Applications Folder.

2. Connect the Print Client

  1. Run the Print Client application on your computer.
  2. Copy and paste the authorisation code from the page where you selected Add new print settings and selected your carrier name to create a Label Type in the very first step.
  3. Paste your authorisation code in the Print Client application.
  4. Select the printer.
  5. Open the Print Client from the system menu bar.
    1. For Mac users: You can find this in top right of your screen.
    2. For Windows users: It is in the system tray in the bottom right of your screen.

Make sure the connection is successful by checking the green Online status in the Print Client.


3. Assign a label type to the Print Client

Assign a label type (in this example the "Packing Slip") to the computer where the Print Client is installed.

  1. Go to Settings, select Printing, then select the Advanced tab.
  2. Click Add new print settings.
  3. Select the label type (e.g. Packing Slip). 
  4. Select the Format, and set Print Client as the Print Method
  5. Select the Machine that the Print Client is set to. 
  6. Click Save.


4. Assign a printer to the Print Client

  1. Open the Print Client on your computer.
  2. Go to the Printers Tab.
  3. In the Label Type, select Packing Slip.
  4. Select the Printer Name to print the Packing Slip e.g. Brother MFC-9140CDN.
  5. Click Assign.

5. Check paper size and orientation

Check if the page parameter corresponds to the printer and the page loaded in the printer.

  1. Click on the Label Type and Printer Name.
  2. Check the Paper Size e.g. A4 for Packing Slip, and page orientation. 
  3. Click Save Settings.



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