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  • Frequently asked questions about Starshipit’s returns features, including the returns add-on.

Overview of Starshipit's returns features

Every Starshipit plan includes a base set of returns features. These are:

  • The ability to manually create return labels.
  • Print return labels from existing orders.
  • Create return labels with outgoing shipments.

All other returns features (like the branded returns portal) are included in our returns add-on. These features are:

  • Create a customer-facing returns portal and embed it directly on your website. From here, your customers can initiate their own returns and generate a return label.
  • Keep customers informed with SMS and email notifications. Customise the look of notifications and which notifications send and when.
  • Display multiple return payment options and set return charges for each option. For example, store credit, refund via original payment method and exchange.
  • Give your customers returns options that work for them. Let customers drop off their returns or allow them to self-service and arrange their own pick-ups – all through your returns portal.
  • Add your branding, colours, logos, content and links to your returns portal and notifications to give your customers a consistent experience.
  • Reflect on what’s in your returns policy using rules and automation. Create rules to reject returns for specific types of products (like underwear and earrings).
How much does the returns add-on cost?

$25 per month, with a 10-day free trial.

How do I set a default Return Courier?

When your customer begins the return process, they will be given a drop-down of what courier they would like to submit the return with. What courier displays first can be customised:

  1. In Starshipit, go to Settings > Returns > Settings > Default courier.
  2. Select a default international courier and a default domestic courier. 
  3. Save
Can returns be enabled on a child account?

Yes, returns can be enabled on a child account. When enabled they will be treated as an individual account.

Do return labels count against my regular allocation of shipping labels?

Yes. For example, if you are on our Starter Plus plan and issue 1,000 labels per month, and 100 of those are return labels, you’ll have 900 labels left in total.

Which carriers does Starshipit support returns with?

Starshipit supports eCommerce returns with the following carriers:

  • Australia Post eParcel
  • DHL Express
  • Couriers Please
  • NZ Post
  • StarTrack
  • TNT
Can a customer create a partial return for the same order?

Yes, customers can create multiple returns on an order as long as the return quantity of each item doesn’t exceed the original ordered quantity.

How do I refuse certain products from being returned?

Retailers can set up automation rules that reject returns based on a certain criteria. For example, a return could be refused if the SKU includes “earrings”. Retailers can also add up to 10 varied reasons for returns options.

Can I offer both pickup and drop off return services?

Yes, currently Starshipit supports enabling both of these for your returns portal. We do not support only specifying one. 

Can a customer reprint their return label if they misplace it?

Yes, your customers can re-download their shipping labels:

  1. The customer should go back to the return portal.
  2. Re-enter their order details.
  3. If there is a previously created return, the customer will be presented with an option to view and reprint the label in the item section. 
Who pays for returns?

Returns are charged against your existing returns account.

Can a returnee print labels for multiple boxes?

Customers have the option of adding additional packages to returns when they process a return using the returns portal.

What carriers allow pickups to be scheduled in the returns portal?
  • NZ Post Domestic (Pickup & drop off)
  • Australia Post eParcel (Drop off only)
  • Couriers Please (Pickup only)
  • TNT (Pickup only)
  • DHL Express (Pickup only)
Can you stop and start a free trial?

No, you cannot stop and then resume a free trial of the returns portal/advanced returns add-on.

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