Benefits of using a Branded Returns Portal

In the growing age of eCommerce, Starshipit's Branded Returns Portal is the best way to manage a frictionless and hassle-free returns process. To understand why using self-service returns should be your chosen solution for return management, we outline the benefits below:

Increase sales
It's proven that having a transparent and easy returns process increases cart conversion and can also keep your customers coming back by allowing them to shop with confidence.
Reduce Customer Support queries
By providing a self-service returns process you can reduce the number of inbound customer service queries in relation to returns. This will allow you to save time and money that your team can reinvest into other areas of the business.
Manage Costs
You can offer different services and couriers for your returns and change them at the click of a button so you can keep return shipment costs in check whilst also giving power to the retailer to choose what suits them
Insights & Data
By tracking why customers return items you can easily identify any common trends or insights on why particular SKU's might be returned.
Improve Customer Experience
Customers expect to be able to easily arrange a return without having to contact your customer service team, so having a self-service returns portal empowers customers and improves their experience.
There's no need to print a return label with every shipment so you will reduce wasted labels. The returns portal labels only need to be generated when they are needed.

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