Additional Shipping Documentation


With some orders, you may be required to attach additional documentation to your shipments. This is mainly for international shipping but may also be required for some domestic shipments. Examples of additional shipping documents include MSDS, Prescriptions, Fabric Certificates, Declarations of Origins etc.

Starshipit allows you to upload the documents to your account, use our rule engine to attach these files to your orders and have them transmitted electronically to the courier. 

  • Currently this feature is only supported for DHL Express. If there are other couriers you would like this feature for, please contact us. 
  • Supported file types are PDF and JPEG

About uploading additional shipping documents

To set up the additional document upload you will first need to configure the rules in your account. The rule will search for a document with an order number or reference number match and assign the document to that order.

Rules will need to be run upon each import. The document is then passed electronically to the courier.


How to set up additional shipping documents

1. Upload documents to your account

  • Go to Settings > Document Manager
  • Click Uploads tab
  • Click Select and choose all files to be uploaded
  • Select the Document Type, available options are:
    • Customs Invoice (If used this will replace the default commercial invoice)
    • Proof of Purchase
    • License/Permit 
  • Click Upload
  • Your files will now display in the File List tab

2. Assign documents using rules

  • Go to Settings > Document Manager > Rules
  • Click Add a new rule
  • Select the condition(s) for what orders the document should be applied 
  • Select the action Assign Document
  • Enter in the filename that should be applied
    • Order Variables can be used for the file name. i.e %OurRef% for the order number or %TheirRef% for the Reference Number

3. Apply the rules to your orders

  •  You will need to trigger the rules manually to assign documents to your orders, each time you import or at regular dispatch intervals.

  • Go to Settings > Document Manager 
  • Click Run Rules

3. Print your orders

  • Print your orders as per usual. The documents will be included in the information to DHL automatically if using Paperless Trade. 


  • How do I un-assign a file from my orders?

    From the File List there are two ways to remove assigned files from an order/shipment.

    1. Single file – Click  ‘Unlink’ in the file row to remove selected file from all assigned orders
    2. All files – Click ‘Remove assigned rule’ to remove all assigned files from all orders/shipments
  • Can the same file be attached to multiple orders?

    Yes, you can attach same file to multiple orders.

  • Can one order have multiple files attached?
    An order can have multiple files attached if there are multiple files that meet the rule conditions. 
  • How do I delete a file from my file list?

    In the File List, you can remove a file from your file list by clicking on ‘Remove’ option in the file's row. 

  • Is it possible to upload multiple files with the same name?
    Document manager does not currently support multiple files with the same name (regardless of whether the file extension is different). When you upload a file with the same name, the new file will override the older file. 
  • What orders are eligible for documents to be added to them?
    All orders less than 90 days old can have documents attached to them. They will just need to meet the conditions that are set in your rule settings. 
  • Can I download the commercial invoice from a printed order with documents associated?
    This depends on the type of document you attached to the order.
    Customs Invoice: You won't be able to download the commercial invoice via the "re-print" drop down > download commercial invoice or when selecting the order > "actions" drop down > download the commercial invoice. This is because we do not store your copy of the commercial invoice on our side
    Proof of Purchase & Permit: Commercial invoice will be able to be downloaded from the account (as long as there wasn't a customs invoice also attached)


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