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Thanks for your interest in our new project – Starshipit's first mobile app, designed to help you streamline your pick and pack! We're keen to get you using the app as soon as possible, so read on for a bit of background on this project, the setup instructions + how we'll get your feedback.

We're in phase 1 right now and looking for feedback from our customers, please use this Feedback Board link for any requests or issues.

Why a mobile app?

One thing that's always been important for us is unpicking how you actually use Starshipit day to day, and working out how we can save you more time, decrease errors and, in general, make your life a little bit easier!

It's become clear that one of the limitations was that Starshipit was basically restricted to your computer desktop. So, we decided we wanted to change that – hence our new mobile app.

What does the Starshipit mobile app do?

The app is designed to help you pick and pack in your warehouse. Think of it like a digital packing slip with packing validation built in! Most of it is pretty straight forward however there's a couple call outs:

  • You can scan barcodes using the device's camera:
    1. From the orders page: Scan order number to open order
    2. From the order details page: Scan item barcodes to mark them as packed
  • Upon completion of packing, you can choose whether the order should be marked as packed (i.e. a packed tag added), or whether the order should be printed. If you set up the print client this will actually trigger the label to print out the printer
  • It's possible to bulk pick orders (i.e. consolidate multiple orders into one packing list). To do this, you can long press on the order and you'll see a checkbox and then you'll be able to select multiple orders.
  • You can swap between your child accounts to load different accounts orders.

What do we want out of this beta period?

We are looking for some general feedback: What is useful, and what isn't. What features are we missing? Would you use this app if it were available?

Throughout this pilot, we will be reaching out regularly to see how you're getting on. You can leave feedback using our Canny link

Installation Steps:

iOS Android

We're live on the Apple App Store! Download from our app listing here: 

We're live on the Google Play Store! Download from our app listing: 

Login to the mobile app

  1. Click Login to Starshipit
  2. Enter in your Starshipit username and password
  3. Click Login, you'll be redirected back to the app with your orders loaded
  4. Navigate to the Settings to choose if you want orders to be printed or marked as packed when you click complete packing.

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