How to set up Burst SMS


Burst SMS is the SMS provider used by Starshipit to send text messages. Integrate your Burst SMS account with Starshipit to facilitate seamless SMS communication.

Migrating from Old SMS Billing

Why are we shifting the SMS billing management and what are the benefits of migrating?

  • SMS will be much cheaper for you
  • You will gain access to built-in account top-up features like auto recharge, the same billing account across multiple SSI instances, and more visibility of SMS sent
  • To switch over, sign up for Burst SMS and enter in your API details in Starshipit. If these are entered, we will begin using your account.

Signing Up for Burst SMS

  1. Go to Burst SMS Registration You'll need an email and a valid phone number.
  2. After signing up, go to Settings:
    • Scroll to find the API key section.
    • Enter a password for the API key and save it.
  3. Visit Billing Page to add funds to your SMS account.

Setting Up SMS Notifications

  1. Once you have your Burst SMS account, navigate to Settings > Tracking and Notifications and scroll down to the Burst SMS section
  2. Enter in your Burst SMS API key and secret
  3. Click Save
  4. If you haven't already, configure your SMS notifications (i.e., what messages are sent and when) by following this guide.

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