Shopify Order Notes

There are four different ways to choose from when deciding how order notes left at checkout should be imported and mapped in Starshipit.
The four options are:
  1. Import order notes to the 
    delivery instructions,
  2. Import order notes to the 
    notes section,
  3. Import order notes to both the 
    delivery instructions field AND the note section,
  4. Do not import
     order notes
Importing Shopify order notes to the notes section in Starshipit can be useful in cases where notes are not relevant to delivery, such as personalisation or custom gift messages etc.
To change how Shopify notes are imported and mapped:
  1. From the Orders page, navigate to 
    Settings > Integrations > Shopify Settings
  2. Click on the 
    Advanced tab
     and scroll down to the 
    Field Mapping
  3. Select your preferred option from the 
    Map order notes
  4. Click 
Newly imported orders will have order notes mapped to the selected field.
⭐️ Available in UI 2.0 only

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