Set up DHL Express Break Bulk Express (BBX)


  • Configure the DHL Express BBX (BREAK BULK EXPRESS) service for generating shipping labels within Starshipit.
  • DHL Express BBX service is available on the MyDHL API in UI 2.0. 

About DHL Express BBX

BBX offers a door-to-door shipping solution that centers around consolidating shipments at their starting point, bundling them into a singular substantial shipment. These aggregated shipments are then dispatched from one customs zone to another, allowing for the streamlined clearance of the consolidated package as a solitary entry upon arrival at the destination customs zone facility.

Once the shipment successfully navigates through customs procedures, DHL undertakes the task of deconstructing the consolidated shipment into its individual orders (referred to as the baby shipments), thereby facilitating the final leg of the delivery journey.

To facilitate this consolidation process, Starshipit offers support in generating a DHL parent air waybill (AWB) for the consolidated package, as well as child AWBs (also referred to as baby shipments) for the separate individual packages.

What you need to get started

Before getting started with BBX you will need:

  • Agreed contract with DHL Express to use BBX service. If you are not set up to use BBX please reach out to your DHL Express account manager. 
  • DHL Express Account number 
  • MyDHL API Key 
  • MyDHL API Secret

Reach out to your DHL Express account manager or refer to our DHL Express setup article. 

1. Set up DHL Express BBX

Before you begin, you'll need to set up DHL Express. Once configured, you need to add the BBX product code to your account. The product code will only be available if DHL has set this up on your account from their side.

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Couriers > DHL Express Settings.
  2. Add new product codes.
  3. Add product code BBX and product name BREAKBULK EXPRESS.
  4. Click Save.

2. Set up your BBX Address and FOC account number

DHL Express will provide you with your BBX address and FOC (Free of charge) account number. The BBX Address is a DHL Warehouse and will be the receiver on your parent label. 

To set up your BBX Address and FOC account number follow the below steps:

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Couriers > DHL Express Settings.
  2. Scroll down to BBX Parent shipping locations and select Add new.

  3. Add the address and FOC account number provided by DHL. 
  4. Select the countries this address should apply to (the countries of your baby shipment's final destination).
  5. Click Save.

Processing a BBX shipment

1. Generate the Parent ID and Pallet ID

The parent ID pertains to the entire shipment, while the Pallet ID corresponds to the identification of each individual pallet within the shipment. A single shipment can encompass multiple pallets.

  1. In the New orders tab select the orders you wish to assign the same Parent ID and Pallet ID. The destination country for these orders will need to match your BBX location set up in the DHL Express settings.
  2. Select 'BBX' from the bulk action.
  3. Select 'Generate Parent ID'.
  4. Select 'Generate Pallet ID'.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Your shipments will now be assigned a Parent ID and Pallet ID. You can view the Parent ID and Pallet ID within an order.
  7. You can only generate 1 Parent ID at a time. You will need to complete Steps 1 - 4 before you are able to generate another Parent ID.

2. Print child shipment labels 

Once you have assigned your Parent ID and Pallet ID number you can start processing your child AWBs. Before printing your child shipments please ensure you have item descriptions, weights, and values as these are mandatory - you will not be able to generate a parent label if your child shipments do not contain item details.

  1. Select your orders with BBX product code. 
    Quick tip! You can create a saved view or filter your orders in the search bar by entering BBX.
  2. Select 'Print shipping labels'
  3. Your orders will move to the printed tab. 

3. Create Parent label 

When you have printed your child shipment labels, the next step is to create your parent label. Before creating your parent label please ensure you have printed all relevant child shipments - there is no option to redo this step and add additional child shipments. This is the label that will go on the outside of the pallet. To create your parent label follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the printed tab
  2. Select your BBX orders
  3. In the bulk action select 'BBX' 
  4. Select 'Confirm' in the pop up
  5. Your parent label will download or print to your dedicated printer
  6. Your child shipments will move to the shipped tab. An order will be created in the printed tab with the parent label details. Within this order you can reprint your parent label or view the parent label tracking details

4. Manifest child shipments 

To move your parent order to the shipped tab select the order from the printed tab and manifest. Your parent order will now be in the shipped tab alongside your child shipments. 


How do I generate a new pallet ID if I have multiple pallets?

We would recommend packing as you print your labels so that you are able to assign orders with a new pallet ID if necessary. If you require an additional pallet ID you can generate a new ID in the new tab. Select the orders you wish to assign the new pallet ID and select 'bbx' from the bulk action. You can then enter your Parent ID and generate a new Pallet ID. Alternatively, if your shipments in the new tab already have a Parent and Pallet ID assigned, you only need to generate a new Pallet ID.

I am attempting to print my parent label but I receive an error that my orders do not have item descriptions. What do I do? 

As the Parent shipment is an international shipment DHL Express requires the item details for the items within the child shipments. It is important that before you assign your Parent ID, Pallet ID and print your child shipments, you check they have the correct item details (description, weight and value). If you do not import these details from your eCommerce platform, our Product Catalogue has an override feature that will automatically fill these details. Learn more about the Product Catalogue here.

When printing my parent label I receive an error saying I do not have a suitable BBX address for the selected orders destination set up for this country. What should I do? 

Refer to step 2 in the set up guide. It is necessary to set up the warehouse address that DHL Express has provided for your BBX shipments. You can assign countries that this address relates to. Check that the countries of your child shipments are assigned to your BBX Address.

Can I print my parent label when my child shipments have different Parent IDs?

No, when generating your parent label you can only use one Parent ID. Select the orders relating to each Parent ID and generate your parent label separately.

I have multiple BBX locations set up in my DHL Express settings. I want to process orders for both of these locations. Can I process these orders at the same time?

No. You can only generate 1 parent ID at a time. This means you will need to follow steps 1 - 4 for each BBX location separately.

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