Australia Post eParcel: How to update your rates


Australia Post eParcel provides different contract rates depending on your shipping volumes and negotiated pricing. Occasionally they will update your contracted rates and let you know you may need to also update your integration partner to reflect this. This guide will walk you through what you need to check to ensure a seamless transition.

How do my eParcel rates feed through to Starshipit?

  • Starshipit is connected to eParcel's system via an API integration. This means the rates you see in Starshipit will update automatically when Australia Post makes any changes to your account.
  • When you have an upcoming change to your contract, Australia Post will inform you of your new "contract codes" as well as when they will be going live. Contract codes are 4-character alphanumeric values that typically look like 3D85, 7J35. You will have one for Parcel Post and one for Express Post shipments.
  • In Starshipit, we refer to these as product codes and you can find your current ones listed in Settings > Couriers > Australia Post > Product Codes 


  • Before eParcel switches your codes over, you will want to make sure everything printed on your old code is manifested. Go to the printed tab and select Manifest All. Failing to do this may cause issues with manifesting your shipments if the contract they were generated on does not exist any longer. 
  • To check if your contract has been changed, go to Settings > Couriers > Australia Post > Load Product Codes. This will pull the latest product codes you have with eParcel onto your account
  • Ensure your rules have been updated to assign your new product codes. Go to Settings > Rules and look for any that are assigning Parcel Post or Express Post and update them to your new coded services. 
  • If you use checkout rates, you will need to configure your new codes to show on checkout. Go to Settings > Checkout Rates > Courier Configuration > Ensure the new services are ticked


Why do I have two sets of rates showing in Starshipit?

Starshipit will display everything that is on your contract with eParcel. If you have two sets showing, this is because eParcel has not yet disabled the old contract. Often Australia Post will provide a buffer period where both your old services and new services are on your account so that you can manifest any of your old shipments before they remove your access to them. They typically will drop off automatically after a few days, however, if they have not you can contact Australia Post to remove them. 

I clicked Load Product Codes but nothing showed up in my products list

This means there has been a configuration issue with Australia Post. You will need to ask them to check your contract and ensure your new rates are loaded and available via the API. As soon as it is set up correctly on Australia Post's side it will display in Starshipit. 

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