Cover and warranty


You can apply insurance to your shipments so that if something happens to your package, you will be reimbursed up to the value you’ve applied.

Here are the supported carriers in Starshipit:

  • Australia Post eParcel (Cover/Warranty).
  • Australia Post MyPost Business (Cover/Warranty).
  • Star Track (Cover/Warranty).
  • DHL Express (Shipment Value Protection).
  • TNT (Extended Warranty).

Note: Most carriers call “insurance” something different.

How it works

Getting insurance applied to a shipment requires two things:

  1. Checking the cover/warranty checkbox on the order.
  2. Specifying the cover amount.

You can do this manually or using a rule. You must supply a cover amount. If you don’t, the shipment will be insured for $0 (meaning you won’t be able to claim it).


Creating the rule

Here’s how you set up the rule in Starshipit:

  • Click Set Insurance = True

This will both check the cover/warranty box and set the default insurance value to match the declared value (I.e., if your order was $100, $100 worth of cover will be applied).

For example, you may wish to apply insurance to everything over a certain amount. This rule would be:

  • Order value > 100 Set Insurance = True

Insurance pricing structure

Typically, you’ll have a defined cover rate as part of your contract with your courier. For example, you may agree that your cover rate is 1%, which means if you insure a package for $250, then you’ll pay $2.50 in “insurance”.

It’s best to discuss this with your courier account manager however, as it works a bit differently for different courier companies.

How to make an insurance claim

If you’ve insured your package and something happens to the package, you can go directly to your courier and lodge an insurance claim. The courier will then pay out the amount you declared as the cover value.

Carrier specific things to note 

  • MyPost business offers free cover up to $100 but charges for every dollar over $100. If you’d like to prevent your account from ever declaring over this amount you can enable an option from your settings (More info here: 
  • TNT has different types of warranty. Before using it, you will need to select which type you would like to apply to your shipments from Settings > Couriers > TNT > Advanced (more info here: 
  • Sometimes, couriers will have specific requirements before you can insure your package. For example, if you wish to insure your package for a large value, the courier may require that the package is “Signature required” to lessen the risk of something happening to the order. You should confirm the specific requirements with your courier account manager.


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