Amazon Best Practices: Confirming Shipments


When selling on Amazon, they require you to confirm each order with a shipment in a timely manner to maintain a positive seller rating. Confirming a shipment in Amazon is the process of adding tracking details to an order in Amazon and marking the order as shipped. The default timeframe for confirmation is two business days.

Automate the confirmation process

The data (particularly the tracking number) that is required for confirmation in Amazon is generated in Starshipit when you print a label. Starshipit will automatically complete the confirmation process for you through our writeback functionality. The writeback to Amazon will send back the ship date, carrier name, shipping method, and tracking ID via an API connection directly to Amazon.

Starshipit Recommendations

  • To ensure that the confirmation occurs quickly, you can configure your account to write back the tracking information as soon as you print the label:
    Settings > Integrations > Untick Write back order updates on manifest (otherwise it occurs on printing of labels).
  • If you would like to automate the printing of your labels so that the tracking can be provided as soon as the order is placed in Starshipit, try Zapier. Using this tool you can create a Zap that is triggered when a new order is detected in your account, and then sends the order to the printer.
  • If you print the order before you are actually able to dispatch the order, you may need to reprint the label. For information on how to do this, please see here: Shipping Label FAQ.

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