Display rates on 3PL child accounts


  • When operating a 3PL you may want to display an estimate of total freight cost to your customer without them seeing the exact negotiated rates with the courier. 
  • There are three options available in terms of displaying rates: You can configure a margin that will be applied on to your negotiated rate in the shipment control dialog, or show the actual rate or hide the rates completely. 
  • For more information on configuring your account for a 3PL workflow, see here.

Configuring how rates should be displayed

Display negotiated rates

This option will allow your customers to see the actual rates you are quoted from the courier.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Child Accounts > Edit.
  2. Untick Hide Courier Rates.
  3. Click Save.

Display rates with margin

This option will allow your customers to see your rates with your margins added on top

  1. Ensure Hide Courier Rates is unticked for the child account (see above).
  2. Navigate to Settings > Child Accounts > Override.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Checkout Rates > Settings > Tick Add margin to shipping rate.
    Note: This option is only available to users in override mode
  4. Select whether you would like a Flat Rate margin or a percent margin and the value.
  5. Click Save.

The quotes within the order dialog will now be inclusive of your margins added. 


If using the shipping price reports feature, the child account user will see the margin rate when generating a report, not your base rates. 

Hide rates

This option will hide all rates from the child account. They will see the options but with no quotes.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Child Accounts > Edit.
  2. Tick Hide Courier Rates
  3. Click Save.

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