Branded Returns Portal FAQ

How do I set a default Return Courier?

When your customer begins the return process, they will be given a drop down of what courier they would like to submit the return with. What courier displays first can be customised:

  1. Go to Settings > Returns > Settings >Default courier

  2. Select a default international courier and a default domestic courier. 

  3. Save

Can returns be enabled on a child account?

Yes, returns can be enabled on a child account. When enabled they will be treated as an individual account. 

Can a customer create a partial return for the same order?

Yes, customers can create multiple returns on an order as long as the return quantity of each item doesn’t exceed the original ordered quantity. 

Can I offer both pickup and drop off return services?

Yes, currently Starshipit supports enabling both of these for your returns portal. We do not support only specifying one. 

Can a customer reprint their return label if they misplace it?

Yes, your customers can redownload their shipping labels:

  1. The customer should go back to the return portal
  2. Re-enter their order details
  3. If there is a previously created return, the customer will be presented with an option to view and reprint the label in the item section. 




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