How to set up NZ Couriers


  • Starshipit is now integrated with NZ Couriers in New Zealand.
  • NZ Couriers (part of Freightways Group) is Freightways’ flagship brand positioned as the premier provider of network courier services to New Zealand businesses. 
  • Specialising in express parcel delivery, service standards range from 2.5 hours for local deliveries, to overnight by 9.30am for nationwide deliveries.  New Zealand Couriers sits at the premium service/premium price end of Freightways’ multi-brand strategy.
  • NZ Couriers is available as a Domestic courier option when shipping from New Zealand.


NZ Couriers's system does not currently support creating return shipments 

Before you begin

To integrate with NZ Couriers you'll need to have your:

  • NZ Couriers Account Number
  • Client ID and Client Secret

If you don't have these credentials please contact your NZ Couriers account manager or contact NZ Couriers via email or phone.

Enable NZ Couriers in Starshipit

To enable NZ Couriers as a courier in New Zealand, go to:

  1. Settings > Couriers > click Add a new courier.
  2. Click NZ Couriers from the list of couriers (If NZ Couriers isn't showing ensure you have selected New Zealand as the Shipping From option)
  3. Tick Enable NZ Couriers.
  4. Enter your NZ Couriers Account Number, Client ID and Client Secret.
  5. Click Save.

Once you've entered and saved these details click Test to ensure it works to confirm that your integration is correctly set up.

Available product codes with NZ Couriers

NZ Couriers via Starshipit can be setup with three different product code types:

Overnight Delivery

Overnight is the standard service offering for NZ Couriers. It can be used anywhere in New Zealand as long as NZ Couriers offers pickups and deliveries in that area.

Two Day Delivery

Two Day delivery is offered as an economy service for inter-island shipments. This means in Starshipit you will only see pricing for Two Day, if you have pricing loaded on your NZ Couriers account, and the shipment is inter-island (e.g. sending from Auckland to Christchurch)

Express Pack / Satchels

NZ Couriers offer pre-paid Express Packs (Satchels) that can be sent locally, regionally or nationally at a flat price unless you are sending to a Residential or Rural address or opt for a Saturday delivery.

Express packs used for Saturday, Residential or Rural services require an extra ticket relevant to that service.

You can learn more about the pricing of express packs here.


For more information on service offerings, please visit the NZ Couriers website.

Add your product codes in Starshipit

To add the product codes you'd like to use for NZ Couriers follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers > NZ Couriers
  2. Scroll down to the Add product codes section > click Add a new product code
  3. Enter the Code and Name for the product code (refer to the sidebar for codes)
  4. If the product code should be your default, tick the Default checkbox
  5. Click Save.

Add your Advanced Settings if required

If required you can also update your Advanced Settings for NZ Couriers.

The available Advanced Settings are:

  1. Select this option to default 'Signature Required' on all orders
  2. Select this option to default 'Saturday Delivery' on all orders
  3. Notifications Type: The type of notification sent when Send Notifications is ticked. Note that Freightways may incur additional charges for SMS notifications.

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