Integrate Starshipit with Wix so your orders import directly from Wix.

Once set up, Starshipit will automatically import new orders from Wix every 20 minutes. When you've sent out your orders Starshipit will write back tracking details to Wix and mark your orders as fulfilled.

Integrate Starshipit with Wix

To integrate Starshipit and Wix, go to:

  • Settings > Integrations > click Add a new integration > select Wix
  • Tick Enable
  • Enter your Store URL (the website for your Wix Store)
  • Enter your Store Name
  • Click Authorize (This will take you to Wix where you can log in and authorise the Starshipit integration.

Once you've authorised the integration and have been redirected back to Starshipit:

  • Set the required Status to import
  • Click Save.

You can then click 'Test to ensure it works' to confirm that your integration has been completed successfully.






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