Use HS Codes in international shipments


  • HS Codes are used for international customs purposes to describe the type of items in a shipment using an industry standard numbering system.
  • Set up Starshipit to use a default HS Code for international shipments.
  • Learn what platforms HS Code can be imported into Starshipit from.

How it works

HS (Harmonised System) Codes are used by international shippers to help Customs identify the type of items contained within a shipment. The usage of HS Codes across Customs Jurisdictions is almost universal. Every item will have an HS Code, and the exact code for a specific item will be based on several factors including material composition, physical state (solid, liquid, and gas), use, and whether it is a finished or unfinished item.

If you are unsure on what HS Codes you should be using for your items, please consult with your courier account manager (e.g. DHL Express account manager).

Manually add an HS Code within an order

  1. Open the order you'd like to edit from the New orders grid.
  2. Click Expand next to the Items section.
  3. Select Edit, next to the item you would like to edit.
  4. In the HS Code field enter the HS Code.
  5. Click anywhere to save your changes to the item.
  6. When finished click Save Order in the bottom left of the order dialog, or continue editing other items.

See How to update an order for more information on updating items.

Set up a default HS Code

A default HS Code can be applied to items when this has not been overwise manually specified or imported from your integrated platform. The default HS Code wil be automatically applied upon clicking print for any items where there is a blank HS Code field.

To setup a default HS Code:

  1. In your Starshipit account, go to Settings, then select Options.
  2. Scroll down to the HS Code field.
  3. Enter the HS Code in the field.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save.

Import HS Codes from your integrated platform

Starshipit can import HS Codes from some platforms, if it is available. Follow the instructions for your platform below to set up HS Codes to import:


  1. Set up HS Codes in Shopify using this guide.
  2. In your Starshipit account, go to Settings, then select Integrations.
  3. Click Settings, next to Shopify.
  4. Under Advanced settings, select Import HS Code.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Your HS Codes will now automatically import for any new orders in Shopify.

Magento1 & Magento2

Starshipit will automatically import an HS Code for each item if present as a product attribute. The product attribute code name must be set to hs_code.


Starshipit will automatically import an HS Code for each item if present as a product option. The product option field name must be called "hs code" or "hs codes". The field names are not case sensitive.


Starshipit will automatically import an HS Code for each item if present on a variant. Follow these steps from TradeGecko to setup HS Codes.


Starshipit will automatically import an HS Code for each item if present in the manufacturerTariff field at the InventoryItem level.

CSV Import

Map the Code field to the column you have HS Code present in your CSV files. Use our preformatted CSV template, or change the mapping by following the below:

  1. In your Starshipit account, go to Settings, then select CSV File Setup.
  2. Select Map your own customised CSV.
  3. Enter your mappings as desired.
  4. Click Save.

See CSV file integration for more information on setting up your CSV import.

Starshipit API

Include the HS Code in the field tariff_code under each item in your items array. e.g.

"description":"Test Item",
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