Manifesting FAQ


  • Learn what a manifest is, how it works, and what couriers you do and don't need to submit a manifest for.
  • Manifests are a key part of the courier billing process when they are required.
What is a manifest?

A manifest is a summary of all your shipments either in a paper or electronic format which allows your courier to correctly bill you and accept your freight into their network. The summary will contain information such as the pickup location, receiver location, weight, dimensions and service.

As manifests are used to calculate how much you need to pay for each shipment it is important to ensure you manifest each shipment where required. 

How does manifesting work on Starshipit?

Starshipit will submit your manifests electronically and return a paper copy to you. Some courier drivers and drop-off locations may request the paper copy even though the courier would have received the electronic copy from Starshipit. If you lose track of any manifest paper copies you can re-download them in the Manifests section under the Main Menu.

How do I submit a manifest?

See the manifest your orders section of our fulfil orders for steps on how to submit a manifest.

Do I need to submit a manifest for every courier?

No, you don't need to submit a manifest for every courier, however, it is very important you do submit a manifest for the couriers who require manifests. Our table below details the requirements of each courier, and the point when they will bill you:

Courier Manifesting Required Point When Billed
Allied Express Yes Label print
Australia Post eParcel Yes Manifest
Australia Post MyPost Business No^ Print^
Australia Post On Demand Yes Manifest
Border Express No Label print
CourierPost No First scan
CouriersPlease Yes Manifest
Deutsche Post International Yes Manifest
DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific Yes Manifest
DHL Express No First scan
DHL Parcel Europe No On label print or first scan*
DHL Parcel UK No On label print or first scan*
DPD Local UK No First scan
DPD NL No On label print or first scan*
DPD UK No On label print or first scan*
Fastway FastLabel No On label print or first scan**
Fastway MyFastway No On label print or first scan**
FedEx No Print
Hermes No First scan
Hunter Express No Label print
NZ Post No First scan
Pace No First scan
Pickup In Store No N/A
Plain Label No N/A
Quantium Solutions AU Yes Manifest
Quantium Solutions NZ Yes Manifest
Royal Mail Yes Manifest
Sherpa No Print
Seko Logistics Yes Print
Sendle No Print
Singapore Post Yes Manifest
StarTrack Yes Manifest
TNT Australia No Print
Team Global Express IPEC (Toll) Yes Manifest
Team Global Express Priority (Toll) Yes Manifest
USPS No Label print
UPS No Print
Zoom2u No Print

* Check with the courier.
** Depends on Fastway account type, on print by default.
^ Credit card accounts only.

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  • Regarding Border Express, splash pages for the two mention manifesting is supported and flows through to BEX from Starshipit. Is this planned? Border Express does require shipments to be manifested, this then needs to be done in Border Express' own portal. 

    By integrating Starshipit & Border Express you can also:

    • Generate packing slips, manifests & customs documentation

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