Display transit times on your Shopify Checkout


  • For Shopify users, there is now an option to display transit times at checkout.

NB: This feature is currently only available for courier integrations with DHL Express and Australia Post (Domestic), on Shopify, with more courier and online platform integrations to come.

1. How to display transit times at checkout

  • Log into your Starshipit account.
  • Go to Settings > Couriers > Australia Post OR DHL Express
  • Select Display transit times.
  • Write a description in the free text field that makes sense to you, e.g. the name of the courier provider.
  • Click Save.


With transit times enabled, your checkout might look like this:


Without, it might look like this:


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  • This is great, I will wait until it is available for BigCommerce.  Keep up the good work!

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