Create a rule based on cheapest delivery option


  • This article outlines how to create a rule based on the cheapest shipping option so when orders are imported into Starshipit, they're automatically assigned to the cheapest courier.
  • This rules makes it really simple for your dispatch team to print labels without having to check the cheapest option has been selected.
  • You can learn more about rules here.


  • Pricing can only be determined based on the order weight which is imported with the order, or assigned as a default using the Starshipit packages functionality.
  • If the address is not valid, this rule may not optimally select the courier.

Create a rule based on cheapest delivery option

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to SettingsRules.
  2. Select Add a new rule.
  3. Under Condition(s) select the order type that's relevant to you e.g. All Orders.
  4. Under Action select Select Cheapest Carrier/Service.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you already have orders in your Unshipped tab, click the Run rules now button to apply this new rule to these orders (if necessary).


I've created my cheapest carrier rule but it hasn't applied to my orders

The cheapest carrier rule only applies on import. Once you've created the rule, make sure to remove and reimport your orders so that your new rule applies. It will not apply when you click Run Rules Now

My orders are all going with the cheapest carrier now and overwriting my other rules

The cheapest carriers rule runs in priority so it will overwrite your rules. If you would like it to exclude certain conditions (i.e not run for PO boxes) then you will need to exclude it from the rule. For example below is how you would make sure your rule didn't select PO boxes. 

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