Overriding & accessing child accounts


  • This article outlines how to access a child account: directly and by overriding it.
  • There are two methods of access: by logging into the parent account then overriding it, and by directly logging into the child account.

1. Override a child account

You can log into a child account by first logging into the parent account, then overriding the child account. The parent account can then cancel the override and go back to seeing their parent account orders, or override another child account.

  1. Log into Starshipit.
  2. Click your username in the top left.
  3. Select your child account from the list.
  4. Only child accounts that are linked to the parent account can be accessed from here. Find how how to set up a child account.


2. Log in directly from a child account

Child accounts can be logged into Starshipit directly by using their username and password. The child account cannot access other child accounts or parent account resources.

The direct login method works great for restricting the warehouse or staff who would be using that child account from accessing other accounts. They will only be able to access the orders and settings on the account they are logging into.

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