Amazon: Troubleshooting


  • This article outlines some of the common errors you could experience while using the Starshipit/Amazon integration, and how to resolve them.

Read more information about how to integrate with Amazon here.

Error: Queued for Amazon update

If you get a writeback error when importing Amazon orders, your Amazon API connection has been throttled.

Every shipment that you process between your store and the Amazon API requires a request to be made. 'Throttling' is the term used to describe the quota that the Amazon API has on the amount of requests a third party can make during a particular timeframe. Unfortunately, the number of requests Amazon allows is low. 

Starshipit will automatically reattempt to update the order in Amazon every few hours. After several reattempts Starshipit will stop, however, you can manually retrigger the writeback:

  1. Select the orders in the orders screen you would like to update.
  2. Right-click then select update selected orders in source system.
  3. Starshipit will add the orders to the writeback queue to reattempt updating them.
  4. Refresh the page. If the orders now show a writeback status of up to date, then the re-attempt was successful.

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