Troubleshooting - orders not importing

If your order is not importing from your platform into Starshipit, run through the checklist below:

  • Make sure the order has not already been completed or shipped.
  • Ensure the status of the order matches the statuses your integration is set to import in Starshipit. Go to Settings > Integrations.
  • If your imports occur automatically in Starshipit, ensure the order was created in the last two days. If it is older than two days, run a manual import.
  • Ensure you do not already have an order with the same order number in Starshipit.
  • Check that there aren't any rules in Settings > Rules that are preventing the order from importing.
  • If you use an integration which supports pre-order tagging to prevent importing such as Shopify or TradeGecko, make sure the order does not have a qualifying tag. See article about Shopify pre-orders.
  • Make sure the order has a shipping address.
  • Ensure the items in the order require shipping (Shopify).
  • Check your integration is testing Successful in Settings > Integrations in Starshipit.
  • Advanced: If you have an example order number, you can sometimes go into Settings > Integrations > E.g. Shopify (settings) > Tools/Advanced and find a tool for Check Order Details. If you enter the order number here, you can pull up the API information for that order and see if the status is matching what you have set in Starshipit for import.

If none of these suggestions solve your problem, please contact our support team on

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