Troubleshooting: Orders not importing


This guide aims to help you find out why your orders are not displaying in Starshipit, we will cover the following areas:-

All orders not importing

If all orders from your platform have stopped importing, it is likely that the connection between Starshipit and your platform has been broken. This means we are not able to connect to the platform to get retrieve orders. Follow the below to troubleshoot:-

  1. Do you wish for your orders to auto-import. If so, go to Settings > Integrations > Tick "Automatically Import orders"
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > [Integration Name] > Test. If you get an error here, we recommend starting over with the integration guide and re-integrate the platform. It may be that the user created to integrate the account has been removed or had its password changed. 
  3. If applicable: Ensure you have whitelisted Starshipit's IPs from your servers 
  4. If the test succeeded, try run a manual import for 30 days. 

Some orders not importing 

If it is specific orders that are not importing it is likely related to the order, or the configuration of your account. 

  1. By default, Starshipit's auto import task (which runs every 20 minutes) will look at the last 2 days worth of orders. If your order is older than that, you will need to run a manual import to bring the orders in. This is common for back-ordered/pre-ordered shipments where it takes some time before you are ready to process the order
  2. Check your account to ensure nothing could be preventing them from coming in:
    • Go to Settings > Rules and ensure you do not have any rules where the action is Import Orders or Do Not Ship and the condition meets the order you are trying to import. A good way to see if this is causing the issue is to remove the rule and try import and see if that helps. 
    • With Shopify and TradeGecko, you can configure the integration to block orders with specific tags. If the order you are trying to import has a tag, go to Settings > [Integration Name] > and check to see if the tag is in the list of exclusions
    • With each platform, in Settings > [Integration Name] > Status to Import, you can specify what status orders should be in to be allowed to import into Starshipit. Make sure that the status you have configured here, matches the status of the order in your platform.  
    • Ensure that the order number you have doesn't already exist in Starshipit
  3. Check the order in your eCommerce platform for the following things:
    • Does the order have a shipping address?
    • Do the items in the order require shipping (shopify)?
    • Is the order unfulfilled/open? 
  4. Advanced: With an order number that isn't importing, you can go to Settings > Integrations > [Integration Name] > Tools/Advanced and find a tool for Check Order Details. If you enter the order number here, you can pull up the API information for that order and see if the status is matching what you have set in Starshipit for import.

If none of these suggestions solve your problem, please contact our support team on

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