Labels for partial shipments


  • Use the partial shipment functionality to split an order in Starshipit, so you can print a label to dispatch part of an order and then fulfil the rest of the items at a later date.
  • For example, if someone has ordered three products but only two are currently in stock, part of the order can be dispatched immediately and the remainder can be fulfilled when it's in stock again.

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Create a label for a partial shipment

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Orders.
  2. Open the order you'd like to make a partial shipment for. It must have at least two items in it.
  3. Clear the items that are not in stock or edit the quantity to be shipped.
  4. Click Print label

One part of the order will go to the Printed tab, and the rest of the items will be saved in a new order in the New tab. When the rest of the order is ready to be dispatched, another label can be printed.


The order in your eCommerce platform will also be partially shipped. Only the items shipped will be updated. If your eCommerce platform does not support partial shipping, the total order will be updated when you print the first label.

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