How to set up DPD UK


  • DPD UK’s integration with Starshipit allows you to use all of Starshipit's features including generation of packing slips and shipping labels, auto-correction of addresses, branded tracking and notifications and many more.
  • This article outlines how to set up DPD UK as a courier service in Starshipit.

Before you begin

Before you can start setting up DPD UK in Starshipit, you will need your DPD UK credentials: 

  • Account Number
  • Username
  • Password

These are the credentials used to log in to the DPD UK portal.

Your account number can be found in MyDPD > My Account Details, after logging into the portal.

Setting up your DPD UK in Starshipit

1. Enter your account details in StarshipIt

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Couriers > Add a new courier > DPD UK.
  2. Tick Enable UPS.
  3. Enter your DPD UK details.
  4. Click Save.


Click Test to ensure it works, to see if your credentials are working correctly.

2. Set up parcel collection date/time

You can set up a collection of packages to be a certain number of minutes from the time of printing of an order's label.

Or, you can set it to a regular daily time that you have booked with DPD UK. If you do this, the date can be set in the future for the next date to be used, or if it is today or was previously set and that date is now in the past, then today's date will always be used.


You can also override this setting on any individual order and the new value will be saved as the new overall setting.


You cannot set the collection date to be in the past when modifying though, and you also cannot set it to a date more than 7 days into the future.

3. Set up advanced settings


  • EORI Number and Shipper Destination Tax Id are only applicable for international shipments.
  • DPD UK does not pass rates into StarshipIt, so these will not be shown on the New Order page.
  • You can, however, set up 'table rates' for DPD UK, where you would record the rates that the courier charges you, and these can be passed back when calling the StarshipIt API (although they will still not show in the New Order page).

4. Set up your product codes

Add your product codes to complete the integration. You can get a list of valid product codes for a destination address by using the product code finder tool in the tools tab. Known product codes are:

1^11 PARCEL Two Day
1^12 PARCEL Next Day
1^13 PARCEL DPD 12
1^14 PARCEL DPD 10.30
1^16 PARCEL Saturday
1^17 PARCEL Saturday 12
1^18 PARCEL Saturday 10.30
1^01 PARCEL Sunday
1^07 PARCEL Sunday 10:30
1^29 PARCEL Sunday 12
1^59 HOMECALL Homecall
1^32 EXPRESSPAK Next Day
1^36 EXPRESSPAK Saturday
1^37 EXPRESSPAK Saturday 12
1^38 EXPRESSPAK Saturday 10.30
1^09 EXPRESSPAK Sunday
1^23 EXPRESSPAK Sunday 10:30
1^51 EXPRESSPAK Sunday 12
1^41 SWAP IT Two Day
1^42 SWAP IT Next Day
1^43 SWAP IT DPD 12
1^44 SWAP IT DPD 10.30
1^49 SWAP IT Afternoon
1^46 SWAP IT Saturday
1^47 SWAP IT Saturday 12
1^48 SWAP IT Saturday 10.30
1^53 SWAP IT Evening
1^03 SWAP IT Sunday
1^05 SWAP IT Sunday 10:30
1^04 SWAP IT Sunday 12
1^56 REVERSE IT Two Day
1^55 REVERSE IT Next Day
1^71 PALLET Two Day
1^72 PALLET Next Day
1^73 PALLET DPD 12
1^74 PALLET DPD 10.30
1^76 PALLET Saturday
1^77 PALLET Saturday 12
1^78 PALLET Saturday 10.30
1^08 PALLET Sunday
1^28 PALLET Sunday 10:30
1^69 PALLET Sunday 12
1^81 FREIGHT Two Day
1^82 FREIGHT Next Day
1^84 FREIGHT DPD 10.30
1^86 FREIGHT Saturday
1^87 FREIGHT Saturday 12
1^88 FREIGHT Saturday 10.30
1^06 FREIGHT Sunday
1^24 FREIGHT Sunday 10:30
1^31 FREIGHT Sunday 12
1^19 DPD CLASSIC By Road
1^10 EXPRESS Parcel by AIR
1^30 EXPRESS Document by AIR
1^39 EXPRESS PACK Classic 2-3 Days
1^70 EXPRESS Europe by AIR
1^80 DPD DIRECT DPD Direct
1^60 AIR CLASSIC Air Classic
1^89 FREIGHT DPD Classic


DPD UK doesn't pass rates into Starshipit, so these will not be displayed on the New Order page. You can, however, set up table rates for DPD UK within Starshipit, where you would record the rates that the courier charges you and retrieve these via our own API.

Additional Configuration

Submitting PID Number

To send the PID number to DPD, you will need to be using UI 2.0.
  1. Open the unshipped order.
  2. In the Tax Details section on the right-hand side select National ID from the tax number options and enter in the ID in the text field.
  3. When you print the order, this will be sent to DPD electronically for customs declarations.

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