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  • The Scan to Open and Scan to Print workflows are designed to streamline your order fulfillment process and minimize errors. 
  • With the Scan to Open workflow, you can quickly locate and edit orders before printing them. 
  • The Scan to Print workflow allows you to automatically print labels based on the order number input. This option supports printing orders from across all your Starshipit accounts. 
  • You can set direct printing up using the Print Application, which sends labels directly to your printer for added convenience.

These workflows require a barcode scanner and a packing slip with a barcoded order number. You can use many different types of scanners. We recommend you use something similar to the LS2208 General Purpose Barcode Scanner.

For Classic UI, see our video here


  1. Generate a Packing Slip: A packing slip with a barcoded order number is required for the scan to open and scan to print workflows. You can generate packing slips in Starshipit by going to Orders, selecting the New tab, selecting the orders you want to generate packing slips for, clicking Print, and selecting Print Packing Slips.
  2. Scan the Packing Slip: After picking and packing your items, go to Workflows and scan the barcode on the packing slip. This will initiate the scan to open or scan to print workflows, depending on your configuration.
  3. Select your scan option
    1. Print Order Directly: The shipping label is printed immediately when a matching order is found.
    2. Open to Order Details: When a matching order is found, the order details page is opened and you can make any necessary changes before printing the shipping label.
  4. Scan your barcode

Additional notes:

  • In Starshipit UI 2.0, you can also enable the option to allow orders that have already been printed to be reprinted by selecting “Include printed orders”
  • In Starshipit UI 2.0, to print orders from your child accounts:
    1. Login to your parent account
    2. Navigate to Workflows.
    3. Ensure you have selected Scan and Print.
    4. Tick Include orders from child accounts.
    5. Scan the order number and if a matching order is found, it will be printed
  • If you use pre-paid labels with QR codes instead of barcodes, you will need a scanner that supports scanning QR codes.


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