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If you are not receiving rates on your checkout or the rates are not as you expect, follow the below steps to troubleshoot the issue. 

  1. Are you receiving rates within the user interface? Create a test order and ensure the rates are displaying here. 
    • If they are not displaying here, this likely means that you have not configured the courier correctly. Have a look through the courier set up guide and ensure you have set up products, your account is valid and that the courier sends to the location you are testing
    • Have you set up a pickup address in Settings > Pickup Address? This is used for the "from" destination when generating a rate. 
  2. Have you enabled Checkout Rates? Make sure you have followed through the set up guide for the eCommerce platform you are setting up rates for. Also ensure you have ticked Settings > Checkout Rates >  Courier Configuration > Enable Advanced Configuration > Enable Advanced Configuration and selected the product codes you would like to see on checkout. 
  3. What have you selected for your checkout rate setting? (Settings > Checkout Rates> Weights and Dimensions). Is the order you are trying to test eligible for shipping with this in mind (it's not too big or too many packages?)
  4. Try generate a rate on your checkout then go to Settings > Checkout Rates >  Courier Configuration > Logs and check to see if you can see the test in the logs. 
    • If you can't, this means the eCommerce platform can't reach the system. Make sure that you have connected the two systems properly and entered in the right connection details. Do you have any shipping zones? 
    • If you can, check that the values being sent through are correct. Are the weights too high? Does the destination look right?
  5. Use the test tool in Settings > Checkout Rates > Tools. Enter in an address here and click Test. This will check that the configuration within the platform is correct. If no rates are returned, check that you have completed step two. 


How it works

Starshipit relies on the courier company to provide rates. However, if the system is unreachable or a customer enters an unsupported address, no results will be returned. You can set up a fail-over that will be displayed if your couriers API isn't working.

1. Set up a fail-over for the rates at checkout 

  1. Go to Settings, then select Checkout Rates.
  2. Select Enable advanced configuration.
  3. Select the product code you want to display and select FAIL-OVER.
  4. Add the quantity for the fail-over. 
  5. Click Save.


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