How to set up Quantium Solutions

Quantium Solutions’ integration with Starshipit allows you to use all of Starshipit's features including generation of packing slips and shipping labels, auto-correction of addresses, branded tracking and notifications and many more.

To add Quantium Solutions to your Starshipit account, you need to request your API information from Quantium Solutions.

Setting up your Quantium Solutions in Starshipit

1. Request your Quantium Solutions API information

To request your API information, contact with your Quantium Solutions account number.

You will receive the following:

Account No:






API Cust ID:


Encryption Key :


API URL (Prod):

API WSDL (Prod):

Quantium Service:

International Standard and International Premium


2. Complete your Starshipit settings page

  • Go to Settings > Couriers > Add New Courier > Quantium Solutions
  • Enter your Username, Password, API Cust ID and Encryption Key
  • Enter your product codes (refer to the product code list below)
  • Click Save



3. Quantium Solutions product codes

These are the product codes and names - if you have a product code that is not on the list please contact

1. International Economy (QSIE01)
2. International Standard (QSIIR1)
3. International Premium (QSIEM1)
4. International ePAC (EZYPEPI)


Note: Quantium Solutions doesn't pass rates into Starshipit, so they are not displayed in the New Order page. You can set up table rates for Quantium Solutions though, where you record the rates that the courier charges you, and these are then available via the Starshipit API.


Other relevant information for you:

Learn more about automated packing machine rolled out by Quantium solutions here


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