Set up DHL Express Break Bulk Express (BBX)

Configure the DHL Express BBX or BREAK BULK EXPRESS service for generating AWB shipping labels within Starshipit.

About DHL Express BBX

BBX provides door-to-door delivery of shipments that are consolidated at origin, sent from one customs zone to another, then broken up by DHL at arrival in the destination customs zone, before being delivered to different addresses within the same country or customs union. The consolidated shipment is cleared as a single entry on arrival at the destination customs zone facility.

This means that you will need to consolidate the parcels before sending them. To achieve this, generate a DHL parent air waybill (AWB) for the consolidated package and child AWBs for the individual packages.

Note: Starshipit can only generate the child AWBs - the parent AWB must be generated via the DHL system.

1. Set up DHL Express BBX

Before you begin, you'll need to set up DHL Express (if you haven't done this already, refer to our DHL Express setup article). Next, you need to add the BBX product code to your account. The product code will only be available if DHL has set this up on your account from their side. If you can't see the BBX product code, contact your DHL Express account manager.

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers > DHL Express.
  2. Add new product codes.
  3. Add product code B and product name BBX.
  4. Click Save.

2. Generate the parent AWB number from the DHL system

Create a Dummy AWB to reserve a tracking number

  1. In the main screen, press F2 to automatically print a dummy shipment
  2. Alternatively, generate a random shipment within “New Shipment”. You only need to create a dummy shipment to get an AWB number. This will be visible on all child AWBs.

Update shipper to include new parent AWB number

  1. Click on your Shippers address book.
  2. Right-click on BBX Baby (or whichever shipper you choose to use) and select Edit Shipper.
  3. Enter the AWB number into Mobile.
  4. Click Save and Close.

Delete the Dummy AWB

  1. Click Shipments.
  2. Right-click on the dummy AWB you just created and select Delete Shipment.

NOTE If you don't delete this shipment, you won't be able to generate the parent AWB later.

Process child shipments

Process child shipments in Starshipit, using the parent AWB number from the above entered into the Shipper Reference field. Any other references the shipper wants to use will need to be pasted into the same element after the parent AWB number, with a space separating.

NOTE The total of “Pieces” equates to the total pallets, not the total shipments being sent.

  1. Select “BBX Mother” from the Receiver ID.
  2. Ensure the correct account is being charged.
  3. Select “Express Worldwide (NON-DOC)” as the product.
  4. Enter the consolidated weight and value of the combined shipments.
  5. Print AWB.
  6. Ensure the parent shipper is changed to “BBX MOTHER” charging account when processing the parent AWB.
  7. When you've finished processing BBX (the next day even) ensure that you change the shipper back to your account. Tracking and billing issues will occur if this is not done.
  8. Run end of day manifest when everything has been processed. Any archived AWBs are to be handed to the courier along with the consolidated invoice.

3. Print child AWBs

Once you have your parent AWB number you can start processing your child AWBs. The process is similar to any other order, the only difference being that you must insert the parent AWB number in the order dialogue box.

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