How to set up pick up in-store


  • When fulfilling online orders from a store or when a warehouse is located next to a store, you might want to offer customers the option to collect a product instead of paying for shipping.
  • In Starshipit, you can manage orders that will be picked up in-store.
  • During checkout, customers can opt to pick up an order from their local store.
  • Once the customer has selected this option, the order will be imported into Starshipit as "pick up in-store".
  • After you fulfil the order in Starshipit, the order will be marked as Completed with '"pick up in-store" as a reference.

1. Enable pick up in-store

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers > Add a new courier.
  2. Navigate to Other and select Pick up in store.
  3. Click Enable Pickup In Store.
  4. Hit Save.



2. Set up a rule to assign the 'pick up in-store' option

With this option enabled in Starshipit, a customer will now be able to select 'pick up in-store' at checkout. Create a rule in Starshipit to automatically assign all pick-up orders to the pick up in-store option in Starshipit.

  1. Go to Settings > Rules.
  2. Click Add a new rule.
  3. Enter the parameters in the below screenshot (replace "Your pick-up shipping method" with the shipping method from your eCommerce platform).
  4. Click Save.


3. Set up an email notification

Customise an email sent to the customer who has selected the pick up in-store option.

  1. Go to Settings > Customer Notifications.
  2. Enable "Pick up in-store" by selecting the email template and hit Save.
  3. Click on email template to customise it.



4. Process a 'pick up in-store' order

Now your order should be automatically imported as 'pick up in-store'. 'Print' the order with the 'pick up in-store' delivery option. Finally, manifest your orders as you normally would to move the order from Printed to Shipped.



Other relevant information for you

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