How to integrate with 3PL Central


  • 3PL Central provides one of the most popular cloud-based WMS solutions available in the third-party logistics and warehousing industry.
  • Integrate Starshipit with 3PL Central so you can import 3PL Central orders.
  • Starshipit will writeback tracking information when you print a label.

How the integration works

3PL Central is compartmentalised per customer, meaning that, in addition to creating an overall parent account in Starshipit, you need to create child accounts for each of your customers. To do this, you need the Customer ID to specify which customer's orders you would like imported into Starshipit. 

1. Request your REST API keys

Your account manager should give you the following information:

  • 3PL GUID
  • User ID
  • Password

Please refer to the chart below to find the correct information.

Starshipit 3PL Central


3PL Key

User ID

Client ID


Client Secret

Customer ID

Customer ID in 3PL Central

2. Determine the customer ID for each customer

In 3PL Central, using the admin login, retrieve the customer ID from the settings. If you are unsure of how to do this, reach out to your 3PL Central account manager.

3. Enter Your API key details and the customer ID in Starshipit

Log into Starshipit and override the child account that you want to set up:

  • In your Starshipit account, go to Settings > Integrations.
  • Click Add a new integration, then select 3PL Central from the list.
  • Complete the fields 3PL Guid, User ID, and Password with the information provided by your account manager.
  • Complete the Customer ID field using the information related to the customer.
  • Click Save.

4. Additional settings

Export orders to 3PL Central on import from another integration

This option will set Starshipit to export orders from your other integrations directly into 3PL Central, instead of orders being imported from 3PL Central. When you process an order in Starshipit from one of the other integrations (e.g. Shopify), we will update both 3PL Central and the other integration.

When enabling this option you must also fill in the Facility ID in the 3PL Central settings page in Starshipit. You can get this from within 3PL Central.

There is also an additional function to push manual orders across to 3PL Central, accessed from the 3PL Central settings page's Tools tab. Simply enter one or more order numbers (semicolon-separated) in the Export orders to 3PL Central field, and click Export.

Import only orders that have stock

3PL Central can flag the orders that have available stock to be fulfilled. To import only these orders in Starshipit, you can tick the option Import orders that have stock (Fully allocated).

After ticking the option, remove and re-import your orders.

Import 3PL order # as order # (our ref) + 3PL ref # as ref # (their ref)

When ticked, Starshipit will reverse the order number, and reference mapping to instead import the fields as follows:

Order ID (3PL Central) -> Order Number (Starshipit)

Reference Number (3PL Central) -> Reference (Starshipit)



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