Add 'Authority to Leave' option in a Shopify shopping cart


  • Enable 'Authority To Leave' in Shopify by displaying a checkbox on the shopping cart page and importing your customer's custom selection.

1. Modify the shopping cart page

To add a checkbox to select 'Authority To Leave' in your Shopify shopping cart, you first need to create a checkbox that your customer can select. To display a checkbox in your shopping cart, you need to edit the Theme Code of Shopify and copy the custom code from Starshipit. 

If you need assistance to edit the Theme Code, refer to the section "Add a form field to your theme code" of this article.

Once in the editor, paste the following code:

 <p class="cart-attribute__field">
        <input type="hidden" name="attributes[Authority To Leave]" value="No">
        <input type="checkbox" name="attributes[Authority To Leave]" value="Yes"{% if cart.attributes["Authority To Leave"] == "Yes" %} checked{% endif %}>
        <label>Authority To Leave</label>

This is what it should look like when the code has been pasted:


NB: You can modify the style of the checkbox however the name must be "Authority To Leave", otherwise the information won't be imported into Starshipit.

2. Result in Shopify

After you have added the Authority To Leave checkbox, you should see it on your shopping cart page and in your order details:



3. Result in Starshipit

After you have added the Authority To Leave checkbox to your Shopify shopping cart, your customer can select it during the checkout process. When orders are imported from Shopify to Starshipit, the 'Authority to Leave' option in will be automatically selected in Starshipit: 

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