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  • This article outlines solutions to common printing errors for Windows and Mac.
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Print App errors

Find out more about Print App troubleshooting.

Print Client errors

Find out more about Print Client troubleshooting.

Error: Labels will not print

If you are using the Print Client, please ensure it is running on your computer. See the Print Client troubleshooting article for further info.

Recommended: If you experience continuous issues using the Print Client, we recommend that you switch to the much newer and stabler Print Application.

If the Print Client is running or you use the Print Application, next check the printer itself is connected to your computer and is showing as online. You can check if a printer is online in your computers printing settings. For example, an offline printer in Windows shows as a greyed-out icon in Devices and Printers.



On the Print Application you can access Devices and Printers (Windows 10) from the Printing dropdown button in the very top left of the Print Application window.

If your labels still won't print, next check to see if the labels are showing in the printer's queue. If the labels show in the queue and it is not paused, then Starshipit is working correctly as it is successfully submitting labels to your printer queue. For further troubleshooting contact your IT department or printer manufacturer.

If all of the above fails to resolve your issue, please contact our support team on to further investigate the issue.



Error: Labels are misalignedtoo big/small, or are printing on multiple labels

Firstly, if using Print Application or Print Client please refer to the Print application setup article or section 5 of the Print Client setup article to ensure you have the correct paper size and orientation set for your label types. 

If you use the Print Application, also check in Settings > Printing that you do not have any label types specified in the Advanced section. Print Application settings need to be set on the app itself. 

If you're still having issues, try re-calibrating your printer. Re-calibrating the printer allows it to check what paper size it currently has loaded so it can determine where to start and finish printing a label on the roll. For Zebra GK420d printers follow this guide, DYMO LabelWriter 4XL watch this guide, and SATO WS4 watch this guide. 

If all of the above fails to resolve your issue, please contact our support team on to further investigate the issue. 

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