Set up packages and import weights


  • Create a set of predefined boxes to use on a daily basis and automate your shipping processes.
  • Automatically import the weight of an order item from certain eCommerce platforms.

How it works

Set up boxes based on a combination of your courier rates, the size and/or weight of what you ship. You can create boxes for Flat Rates, Dead Weights, Satchels or commonly used boxes. When you print your labels, orders are automatically allocated to the correct box and labels are created without having to manually enter in dimensions or weight for each item.

WARNING! Changing your box set up can result in extra charges by courier companies. Please ensure you enter the correct information when you set your boxes up. If you are unsure, talk to your Account Manager for more information based on your business needs.

1. Set up your boxes

Enter one or more preset boxes to select during the shipping process.

  1. Go to Settings, then select Package Setup.
  2. Click Add a new box.
  3. Enter the required information. See the box properties table below for reference.
  4. Click Save.

Box properties




The name of the box as it appears on labels and in the package list. Your business may have a box naming system already which you can replicate here.


Weight of the box in kilograms when filled. Use this if your boxes always weigh the same amount.

Make this the default package

Select this option to make this default package size. This box will be selected each time you open the shipping screen.

Height (cm), Length (cm), Width (cm)

Height, length, and width of the box in centimetres. Used to calculate box volume for billing.

Unit Type

Select the type of package eg carton, satchel, bag. 

Add packaging weight to your box

Allows you to specify the weight of the packaging material. This weight will be added on top of the box weight when shipping. Only use if your packaging material adds a significant amount of weight eg wooden crates.

Add minimum & maximum weight to your box

Allows you to specify a minimum and maximum box weight in kilograms.


2. Import weights from your integrated platform

Set your account to import the weights of your items from certain eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify.

  1. Go to Settings, then select Package Setup.
  2. Select one of the below options:
    1. Single Package using sum of item weights
    2. Single Package using sum of item weights and integration item dimensions
    3. Unique Package for each item using integration item weights and integration item dimensions
  3. Click Save.

When importing weights, Starshipit will apply a total weight to the order. This total weight is the combined weight of all the items in the order. This feature requires an eCommerce platform that allows for item weights to be added into the system.

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