Does Starshipit automatically update my integrated ecommerce platform?

What is 'writeback'?

Starshipit sends the Order Status, Tracking Number, and Carrier Name to your selling channel or marketplace when a label is generated. We call this writeback

This update can happen as soon as you print or when you manifest your orders. The default on your account will be set up to write back on printing.

If you want to change it to write back on dispatch you can configure this in Settings > Integration > Write back order updates on manifest (otherwise it occurs on printing of labels)

For example

  • You have an order in Magento which is imported into Starshipit
  • The order has a status of 'Pending' in Magento.
  • Once you process the order in Starshipit, Magento will be automatically updated with the status of the order and tracking information.

Note: Writeback is not available if you use Xero.

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