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Customise outbound email notifications


  • You have the option to send emails at six stages of the delivery process.
  • Use the email editor to create emails in-line with your brand and voice. 

Choose when to send delivery updates

Starshipit can manage an email template for each different delivery status and will trigger an email only for the checked status. For example, you can choose to send an email or SMS when an order label is printed to when the order is delivered.

  1. Go to Settings, then select Customer Notifications.
  2. Enable the checkbox for the stages of delivery you want to notify a customer.


Edit the email template

  1. Go to Settings, then select Customer Notifications.
  2. Select an Email Template
  3. From the editor, you can modify the email template as required.

Use the Starshipit variable

Use Starshipit variables to personalise your email and include information about the order. Starshipit variables can be included in the subject field and in an HTML tag (<a href=%TrackingURL%>Track %OurRef% Online</a>).


  • Recipient name: Name of your customer
  • OurRef: Sender's reference (e.g. sales order number)
  • TheirRef: Receiver's reference (e.g. purchase order number)
  • Courier Name: The courier used to ship the parcel.
  • Tracking Number: Tracking number associated with the parcel
  • Tracking URL: Tracking URL associated with the parcel 
  • Company Name: Your company name
  • Telephone: Your contact number

Add an image in the email

  1. From the email editor, select Upload Image.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. Select an image from your computer
  4. Click Upload from the dialogue box.
  5. Select the image on the middle part of the screen
  6. Click Insert.

The sender email

If you would like to specify a specific email that your outbound notifications go from, you can go to:

  1. Settings > Customer Notifications > Email Template 
  2. Enter the email in the From field

Duplicate email notifications

Many eCommerce platforms (including Shopify and Magento) include notification options that email customers when the status of their order has been updated.  If you have opted to write-back the status to your eCommerce platform, you may need to consider whether your customers are receiving duplicate notifications. You can then enable/disable notifications, as required.

NOTE: If you're shipping with Australia Post, check that you haven't enabled Australia Post notifications in Settings > Couriers > Australia Post > Advanced > untick Enable Email Notification for Tracking.


Q. Notifications are going straight to my customer's junk or being flagged as spam.

A. Run through the below steps:

  1. Check if the From field has been entered in the customer notification template.
  2. If it has, you can then check the domain in and see if the SPF record exists.
  3. If SPF record exists, then check if "" is included in the SPF record, if it is not, then it appears that your domain has got SPF record configured.
  4. You will need to include "" in the TXT DNS record to avoid the email notification being marked as spam or getting bounced by the recipient's mail server.

    See our support article for more information on SPF for email notifications.


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