Set up DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific


Before you begin

You need your: 

  • DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific account numbers (Pick Up and Sold To)
  • DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific Dispatch ID
  • Product codes

If you don't have these credentials, please contact our support team at with your DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific account number, or contact your DHL account manager to request this.

1. Add your DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific details in Starshipit

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers > Add new > DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific.
  2. Complete the fields Pick Up No, Sold To No and Prefix Code with your details.
  3. Select Use the API to generate labels and manifests.
  4. Select Enable DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific.
  5. Click Save.


2. Set up your product codes

Add your product codes to complete the integration.

  1. Click Add new product codes.
  2. Fill in details as required.
  3. Click Add.


NOTE: DHL eCommerce Asia Pacific doesn't pass rates into Starshipit, so they are not be displayed in the New Order page. At this time, table rates are not currently supported either (where you record the rates that the courier charges you, and these are then available via the Starshipit API) - please submit a support request if you do wish to add a vote for this feature.

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1 comment

  • Items sent through the SHIP IT system will not receive the first tracking update until the items have been received and processed by DHL eCommerce.

    For example:
    Items manifested through our Web Portal facility will receive an “Order Submitted” track event upon completion of the order.
    Items manifested through SHIP IT won’t receive an “Order Submitted” track event immediately as above, but rather a “ Received and Dispatched” after we have physically processed your item.

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