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About using Starshipit

To start using Starshipit, register and sign up for a plan or a 30-day free trial. To set up, follow the in-app Getting Started wizard, or use our detailed setup guide for step-by-step instructions.

Before you start 

How it works


Additional settings

You can configure additional settings to suit your business needs.

Add custom boxes and weights

  • Add custom box sizes and specifications to your orders. This is helpful if you ship items of different shapes or large volumes of small items.
  • You can also import the weights of items from your eCommerce platform.

Choose write-back options

  • Starshipit automatically sends the order status, tracking number and courier name to your selling channel or marketplace when a label is generated. This is known as write-back.
  • Your account settings default to write-back performing when a label is printed, however you can change this so write-back is performed on manifest or dispatch instead.

Set default couriers

  • Set a default international and domestic courier service.
  • Default options are automatically applied to any imported orders that fit the criteria. For example, you could set a specific courier to ship international orders.

Import orders

  • Imported orders are added to the New tab in the Orders page of your account.
  • You can configure orders to import every ten minutes, or you can trigger an import of orders as required.

Validate the shipping address

  • The address validation tool helps to correct errors in a customer's address, according to shipping constraints.

Print labels

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