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How to integrate with eBay


  • Integrate Starshipit with eBay so your orders import directly from eBay.
  • Starshipit will write-back tracking information when you print a label.

Integrate eBay

  1. Close all browsers that you have open for eBay, this will ensure the link between Starshipit & eBay is set up correctly. This is especially important if you are adding multiple eBay stores.
  2. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Integration
  3. Click on Add a new integration and select eBay from the list.
  4. Click on Authorize. You will be directed to the eBay login page. 
  5. Log in with your eBay credentials.
  6. Click Authorise, and you will be redirected to Starshipit.
  7. You have now completed the eBay integration.



I don't have a eBay account.

You can select the country of origin of your eBay account. Go to Advanced Settings and select your country.

The item descriptions are not coming through properly in Starshipit

Starshipit will import the eBay Item Description, but if you are not using it you can use the Title instead. To do this go to Advanced settings, tick Use the title for product description, otherwise it will default to the description column.


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