BigCommerce Integration


  • This article outlines how to integration your BigCommerce platform with Starshipit. Once completed, your order will be imported into Starshipit and the tracking information will be written back when you print a label.

1. Create an API user in BigCommerce 

  1. Before you can integrate with BigCommerce, create a user API account for BigCommerce. Ensure you select V2/V3 API token when creating the API account.
  2. Set the OAuth Scopes as below:
    1. Content: modify
    2. Checkout Content: modify
    3. Customers: modify
    4. Customers Login: login
    5. Information & Settings: modify
    6. Marketing: modify
    7. Orders: modify
    8. Order Transactions: modify
    9. Products: modify
    10. Themes: modify
    11. Carts: modify 
  3. To add BigCommerce to your Starshipit account, you will need to take note of the API Path, Client ID and Access Token supplied by BigCommerce.

2. Copy the API information into Starshipit

Once you have generated the API credentials from BigCommerce, you need to enter your credentials in the Starshipit settings pages.

  1. In Starshipit, go to Settings > Integrations > Add New > BigCommerce
  2. Choose a name that will help you to differentiate this store from your other BigCommerce stores
  3. Leave the Username field empty; it is not used by the integration that you are performing
  4. Complete API Path, Client ID, Access Token with the information from BigCommerce.
  5. Save


3. Status to Update

You can select the status of the orders you wish to import using the following BigCommerce order status codes:  

  • Status 9 = Awaiting Shipment
  • Status 11 = Awaiting Fulfillment
  • Status 2 = Shipped [For Update Order]
  • Status 10 = Completed [For Update Order]

See the entire list of order status codes.

4. Import your orders

  1. Click the Shipments tab at the top of the page in Starshipit.
  2. Once you are on the Shipments page, click the Import button, and select BigCommerce and the number of days you wish to import. 
  3. Click Import at the bottom right. 
  4. After a brief load time, the number of imported orders will be displayed.
  5. Click Close and your shipping page will reload with the newly imported orders.

Advanced Settings and Information

  • Product Options: Starshipit will import the product options with the following display names:
    • Size
    • HS Code
    • Color or Colour
  • Pick up in Store: If you would like to use Starshipit for Pickup in Store orders select "Enable Pickup in Store". This setting enables any shipments printed with a Pickup In-Store carrier to have it's status updated to "Awaiting Pickup" upon Writeback


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