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  • Sendle’s integration with Starshipit allows you to use all of Starshipit's features including generation of packing slips and shipping labels, auto-correction of addresses, branded tracking and notifications, and many more.

  • Starshipit supports both International and Domestic services with Sendle 
  • This article outlines how to set up Sendle as a courier service in Starshipit.

What you need to get started:

Before getting started with Sendle you will need a few things:

If you are missing either of these credentials follow Sendles Guide on generating an API key

How to set up Sendle

To enable Sendle on your account:

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers > Add New Courier > Sendle
  2. Select Enable Sendle
  3. Enter in your Sendle ID and Sendle API Key
  4. (optional) If you would like to enable Sendle International, Select Enable for International Shipments
  5. Click Save

You will then need to set up your product codes. To add a product code:

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers > Add New Courier > Sendle
  2. Click Add a new product code
  3. Enter in your product code (described below)
  4. Click Add

Sendle Available Products

Starshipit has two integrations with Sendle. You can use either in the Starshipit app.

Code Product Name  Description International
SENDLE SENDLE Entering this product code will use the original Sendle integration. This can only be used for standard shipments. This product is only supported for domestic orders
STANDARD-DROPOFF Sendle Standard Drop Off Service Sendles standard service with drop off This product is only supported for domestic orders
EXPRESS-PICKUP Sendle Express Pickup Service Sendles new express service This product is only supported for domestic orders


Sendle Standard Pickup Sendles standard service with pickup  This product can be supported for both international and domestic shipments. If you would like to use for both, you will need to add twice and change the type

Sendle Additional Features 

Cancelling Orders

Deleting an order in Starshipit will not result in the job being cancelled in the Sendle system. You must cancel the job from within your Sendle dashboard to avoid being charged by Sendle.


Once you've printed a Sendle label, a job will be booked in the Sendle system. This automatically triggers a next-day pickup. Please note, that different drivers pick up domestic and international orders so if shipping both shipments you will need to keep the packages separate for pickup. 


Sendle doesn't yet service all of Australia for international. For a full list of suburbs, see here. 

Size Category

If coming from Sendle dashboard, you will notice Starshipit doesn't have Sendle size categories. These are not required when booking through Starshipit. As long as you enter in the correct dimensions and weights, this will be selected automatically by Sendle when you click print.

Pickup Instructions

If you have specific instructions that you would like to be sent to the courier driver for picking up your packages. This can be configured from Settings > Couriers > Sendle > Advanced > Pickup Instructions. This will be sent to Sendle when you print your labels and they book the pickup on their end.




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