Enable and configure the branded tracking page


  • Use Starshipit to create a branded tracking page so you can engage with customers post-purchase and keep your brand front of mind.
  • Benefits include using your own branding for a better customer experience, enticing customers with post-purchase sales, and giving customers the option to download return labels (if you use this feature).

1. Activate the branded tracking page

To use branded tracking pages, you firstly need to enable email notifications. The tracking URL link will then direct customers to your branded tracking page, rather than the default courier tracking page.

  • Go to Settings > Customer Notifications.
  • Select Enable.
  • Click Save.


2. Edit the page title and add your logo

The page title is the title displayed on top of the browser or on the tab of your browser. You can edit the title and write your own brand name.

The Custom logo will be displayed on top of the page


2. Edit notice content

Just under the status progression bar, you can add some content. This content can include Images, text, and everything that our HTML editor can generate. 


3. Edit the footer

You can edit the footer of the page, the footer can include images, text, and everything that our HTML editor can generate. 


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